maquina de cavitacion y radiofrecuencia

En CELAYA, Guanajuato
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maquina de cavitacion y radiofrecuencia - 7 in 1 cavitation slimming machine
1.lipolysis combine Cavitation and monopolar RF in one which can working at same time bring better result.
2.Vacuum Tripolar RF +650nm infared ray(laser).
3.With USB port on the back of the machine to update the machine easy to maintance and change the software.
4.Remote control rental system for salon use
5.Professional and modern design; Elegant appearance, competitive price and perfect after-sale service
6. Marvelous instant result,you can measure the size immediately after treatment
7. Losing weight ,reducing size and contouring at the same time have a perfect effect
8.No skin color requirements ,widely application,no pain and no scar
9. Celluliting and fat burning and kneading at same time
10.Long continuous work time, stable function, shot period of treatment, easy operation, no down time, delivery in time without delay.
1. weight loss and skin rejuvenation come true together,comfortable treatment.
2. Cavitation Break up lipocytes and body shaping together.
3. Whiten and tighten skin, promote the skin elasticity.
4. Remove wrinkle.
5.Shrink and tighten pores.
6. Rejuvenate skin.
7.cavitation slimming machine.

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